Integrating Teams with GitHub Actions CI/CD workflow

Pooja Kamat
2 min readMar 28, 2023

In our day to day development, DevOps has has taken an integral part of building and deployment, we always have been finding the best ways to automate our pipelines to perform all the steps on the fly once we push our code, or raise and accept PR.

While our traditional CI/CD setup using Jenkins was serving the purpose and requirements, we came across GitHub actions and thought of giving it a try, we explored its basic functionalities which are offered and tried stages like, building, code analysis, dependency analysis, security analysis and deployment of artifacts.

While it was being setup up I was keen to integrate teams with the pipeline and went through a few open source actions available.

For ease, have put up the steps which might help someone easily setup teams notifications.

Lets walk through the steps :

Step 1:

Create a Teams channel.

Add team members who should be notified about the status of the pipeline failure and success.

Step 2:

Under the team created → Go to Connectors

Step 3:

Click on incoming webhooks and then Add and then configure,

Step 4:

Add a name, alternatively you can add any reference image as well.

Once added click on create.

Once created copy the populated URL and create under Github Secrets.

This Secret should be used in your workflow.

Step 5:

Once above is done, add below stage to your pipeline

That's’ all, we have successfully added a stage to send notification on workflow completion, go ahead and push some code and we should see the pipeline status via teams channel !